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Christine Cuilwik, BA, LMT #11081

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Christine Cuilwik was drawn to massage therapy over a decade ago. She likes being able to call upon her knowledge in anatomy and work in a medical setting, yet also being able to affect change in her clients using her hands and her physical presence. Christine loves observing the intersection between mind and body to facilitate healing in each client she sees.


Christine prefers to tailor each massage for not only what the patient needs, but what he or she brings to the table on that particular day.  She has focused her work in the realms of Biodynamic Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial techniques. Biodynamic Massage is a type of bodywork that aims to relieve long-held tension patterns and leaves the central nervous system feeling incredibly relaxed. This is different than the standard approach to massage, which rarely spends more than a few seconds to a minute with the places that need the most healing. Along with the efficacy of Myofascial and Deep Tissue for structural re-alignment and the relaxation aspect of Swedish, a session with Christine will change your ideas of massage!


Her work has been described as transformative, effective, and most of all present. She believes that listening to the body in each session can create not only a sense of peace and lightness on the table, but a feeling that one can take into life.




"I highly recommend Christine as a massage therapist. I recently received an excellent pre-natal massage from her. Christine creates a calm and nurturing environment with her gentle spirit and direct touch. Her work is intuitive, sensitive, and soothing, and at the same time manages to be just the right amount of deep pressure. My prenatal massage with Christine left me feeling relaxed and nurtured. It also helped remove the pregnancy related tension and knots that have been bothering me. Thank you Christine!" - Betsy G.


"That was an excellent massage. I can turn my head full side to side, and I was also having a little stuckness on the left side of my rib cage, and both places feel so open now. I didn't even really think about either of those things until afterwards when I felt so different...I am SO grateful!" - Marianne T.


"Christine is my favorite massage therapist in Portland! Soooooo good!" - Nabha G.


"Christine brings tenderness, warmth, and a generous spirit to her work." - Jennie B