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Marcea Wiggins ND

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Dr. Wiggins is a graduate of The National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She was born and raised in Southern Missouri where she developed a great love for the power of nature and a passion for healthcare. Her large loving family imparted a strong value of community and an appreciation for the richness of life. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Psychology, and Pre-Medical studies from Drury University in Springfield, Missouri.


Through the years leading up to medical school her professional experience included work as a dental assistant, eight years in the psychiatric field, and several years in emergency medicine as an Emergency Medical Technician working on an ambulance and in a level one trauma center.


During medical school, Dr. Wiggins became impassioned by community medicine and worked at Outside In, In Act and Portland Alternative Health Center. She also worked as a lead emergency medical technician for Hooper Detox Center and volunteered medical services at many local events. In the last few years of schooling she focused her clinical training on womens health, natural childbirth and pediatrics in the Obstetrics and Midwifery program. To name a few wonderful mentors, over the years she preceptored, with Susan Roberts N.D., Kimberly Windstar N.D. and Mary Grabowska N.D. MSOM.


After graduating, from NCNM, she went back to Missouri to develop a new residency program in Missouri with Janet Akermi M.D. in a busy primary and urgent care practice. She developed external rotations with medical doctors that were environmental allergists and Osteopathic physicians. She also actively worked on Naturopathic legislative efforts in Missouri. Although an amazing opportunity, she longed to be back in the northwest, so she returned to Portland where she had an unexpected opportunity to become the Director of Education overseeing the Health Career Institute at Pioneer Pacific College. During this time she expanded her management skills, worked with a variety of state medical boards to implement new massage therapy and nursing programs, while developing already existing programs. Out of interest in not getting too far away from clinical practice she left after a few years and focused her career on her work at UWG.


Outside of her clinical practice she actively works on many other healthcare oriented projects, including lecturing, clinical research, consulting, and volunteering medical services. Outside of working in healthcare, Marcea has a passion for the arts, regularly participating in artistic and musical creative projects. She also enjoys periodically coordinating fundraising events. She loves to explore the world through camping, hiking and traveling internationally.


Her passion is to empower people to attain health in order to enjoy life to the fullest. Attaining health and well-being is an integral part of being present for your family and friends and truly being able to enjoy one's daily life.


She has extensive experience with:


  • Women’s health
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement for men and women
  • Anti aging techniques
  • Diabetes
  • Pediatrics
  • Medical weight loss
  • Specialized natural skin therapy treatments for acne, rosacea, sun damage/spots, fine lines and wrinkles as well as hair removal.


It is Dr. Wiggins' pleasure to have a focus on a general primary care practice, which welcomes all to experience the healing opportunity holistic primary care has to offer.