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Acupuncture for Treatment of Auto Injuries

April 11, 2011

by Dr. Jason Zabell


Have you ever been in a motor vehicle accident? Do you know anyone who is currently recovering from a MVA? If so, then you are probably familiar with the term “whiplash” and the lasting effects of one of these injuries.


Acupuncture can be essential for the healthy recovery from injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. The most common complaint from an auto injury is whiplash. Whiplash is an injury to the soft tissue of the neck and is sometimes referred to as a strain or sprain. Whiplash occurs as a result of a forceful movement of the neck and may include injury to the spinal ligaments, discs, and cervical muscles. If the injury is particularly bad or the injury is caused by a very forceful movement then one or more of the spinal nerve roots may be compromised.


Whiplash type injuries involve hyperextension of the neck which results in injury to the soft tissue. Often times these painfully uncomfortable injuries show no abnormalities upon x-ray due to the fact the injury is to the soft and not bony tissue. If the soft tissue is left without treatment, scar tissue and chronic inflammation may develop.


Symptoms of whiplash may have a delayed onset or persist without proper treatment for months or even years. The following symptoms have been noted with whiplash related injuries:


• Neck and/or shoulder pain

• Stiffness of the neck and shoulder area

• Fatigue

• Irritability

• Nerve like sensations of pins and needles

• Difficulty with concentration or memory

• Blurry Vision

• Ringing in the ears

• Pain or numbness radiating down the arm


If you or someone you know has been injured in an auto or work related injury, please contact our clinic for a free evaluation.


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