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Sustainability in Medicine

April 11, 2011

by Dr. Kelly Jennings

At Urban Wellness, we are doing our best to be sustainable and promote this value in our practice and with our patients. You’ve already heard about our low VoC (non-toxic) paints, our use of renovated hardware, and our commitment to local businesses. You’ve heard that most of our docs and staff bike or walk to work.

What you may not know is that naturopathic and Chinese medicine has sustainability as its primary focus. These holistic medicines will save you money; they help prevent the larger long-term costs of chronic illness and epidemic disease down the line. Goodbye to expensive pharmaceuticals! You can learn how to improve your overall health through nutrition, get help choosing which essential vitamins and minerals you need and which you don’t, and receive baseline blood-work to rule out any more serious cause for your symptoms. By following a cancer prevention program, especially if there is a family history of cancer, you’re saving money on therapies that are expensive and often not covered by your insurance. As your health improves, your productivity also improves, inspiring many companies to support wellness plans for their employees (please call Dr Jennings if you are interested in corporate wellness programs through your work).

My goal is to make holistic primary care medicine more affordable for you and more accessible to the general public. I am working with insurance companies to get you optimal coverage for your health care. Sustainability means creating a long-term treatment program that is affordable, effective and is based upon your financial situation. I offer sliding scale plans to those of you who qualify for financial support. Please call the clinic for more information.

I am open to suggestions for how to improve my programs. Your best compliment is your referral. Please help me to help me help others.


January Cleanse

Sign up for the winter cleanse program with Dr Jennings. You will follow a modified diet over 10 days, with three group meetings. Return participants are encouraged to join at a reduced rate. This winter’s cleanse begins January 22nd with a group meeting at Urban Wellness. Email drjennings@urbanwellnesspdx.com or call Urban Wellness to reserve your spot. Cleanse programs are individualized based on your constitution and level of health, and include an initial and follow-up consultation with Dr Jennings. Consultations are also available by phone.


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