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SE Portland Auto Injury Treatment

Our doctors offer immediate and same day appointments for anyone involved in an auto accident. Call 503-476-9651.

Are you in pain after a car accident? Any type of body ache or pain following an accident is a sign that your body has suffered damage. The most common mistake in auto injury cases is not seeking treatment right away, only to see your condition worsen. Let us help you get the treatment you need.

Did you know?

  • One in three car accidents in the US results in an injury.
  • Many injuries take days, weeks, or even months to appear.
  • Even injuries from low speed accidents can result in lifelong problems if not treated properly.

Your Auto Insurance Covers Your Treatment

Don’t let insurance concerns prevent you from getting treatment. Oregon is a Personal Injury Protection state, which means your car insurance includes personal injury protection.

Whether you were driving, biking, or a pedestrian, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance covers health care for up to two years from the date of your accident, and your benefits can be used for a wide variety of healthcare services.

At Urban Wellness Group we can help guide you through this process.

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Whiplash and Holistic Medicine

Whiplash can cause pain in many places besides your neck. Car accident injuries can pull the long muscles on either side of your spine, which reach all the way to your tailbone, causing discomfort in other parts of your body. Headaches may also be the result of swelling from the injury. Make sure to communicate any discomfort to your doctor.

We also recognize that the car accident itself can also be traumatic. Holistic medicine and bodywork help calm anxiety and relax your psyche as well as your muscles.


Chiropractic can be very effective in treating soft tissue injuries, especially of the spine. Most chiropractors use muscle stimulation or relaxation as well as spinal adjustment techniques to treat muscle problems associated with whiplash injuries. Your chiropractor may also help stretch your muscles to relieve tension and apply pressure to trigger points to alleviate pain.


Acupuncture is used increasingly in the West to treat a wide variety of painful conditions, including whiplash and other injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Additionally, acupuncture may reduce the anxiety and emotional discomfort that often accompanies traumatic accidents.

You should know: Acupuncture needles are FDA approved for the treatment of pain, and the National Institutes of Health has endorsed acupuncture for treating a wide variety of conditions, including chronic pain and muscle spasms.


Massage helps your muscles relax and can relieve muscular pain in common types of whiplash injuries. Massage can even speed up the healing process by increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to healing tissues. Your doctor may use a number of specific bodywork methods to ease acute whiplash discomfort and help prevent chronic fallout.

Other Treatments

The doctors at Urban Wellness Group may prescribe additional treatments, such as:

  • Cervical pillows
  • Lumbar support
  • Natural herbal medicine

When prescribed by a licensed physician these treatments may also be billed to PIP.

Make an appointment. 

Call Urban Wellness Group today to learn more about the auto injury treatment options we offer at our Division Street clinic. 

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Our Holistic Approach

Our doctors focus on identifying the root cause of your discomfort and maximizing your overall health. We want to help you heal, not just treat your current symptoms.

Keep in mind: Car accident injuries cannot always be viewed on an x-ray. As a result, their seriousness is often initially overlooked by traditional practitioners.

At Urban Wellness Group, we do not ignore your injuries just because they do not appear on an x-ray. We use a variety of holistic methods to treat common symptoms like:

  • Neck / shoulder pain and stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Low back pain
  • Sensations such as burning or "pins and needles"
  • Irritability
  • Poor sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty with concentration or memory
  • Depression
  • Dizziness / light-headedness
  • Pain or numbness in the arm and/or hand
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Blurred vision

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You’ll find our office at 49th and Division in Southeast Portland. Call Urban Wellness Group at (503) 476-9651 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our practice.

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