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What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

Personal Injury Protection, which is commonly known as "PIP," is a form of insurance coverage that is included by law in every motor vehicle insurance policy in Oregon. It provides compensation to the insured for the insured's medical expenses and wages lost. Most people have up to $15,000 of coverage for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, without regard for whether the insured was at fault for causing the accident.

Will my auto insurance go up if I use my PIP?

No. Using your PIP will not raise your insurance premium.

Is there a co-pay and out of pocket expense?

There is no co-pay. Your insurance company is required to pay all of your medical expenses within the first year that are related to the accident, up to your policy limit (up to $15,000 for most people).

What do I need for PIP and to see a doctor?

We can help guide you through this process; it’s much easier than you think. Simply call your auto insurance company to get your claim number, and we can do the rest.

What if I was on my bicycle or a pedestrian?

Even if you are on a bicycle or a pedestrian, your Personal Injury Protection should pay your medical expenses if you are struck by a motor vehicle. If you do not have auto insurance and do not have health insurance, the other driver’s insurance should pay your medical bills.