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Massage in SE Portland

At Urban Wellness Group of SE Portland, we understand the benefits of therapeutic touch and see massage therapy as part of an overall wellness program. This may be included as part of your personalized health plan or to help relieve daily stress and muscular aches or pains.


Because it supports the whole body in many of its healing processes, massage can play a very important and complimentary role in holistic care. The reverse is also true: natural medicine can compliment massage by addressing muscle spasticity due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

The Benefits of Massage

Massage shifts the patient's nervous system away from the sympathetic "fight-or-flight" stress response and toward the parasympathetic relaxation response.


Massage has been used for thousands of years because it:

  • releases postural stress patterns held in connective tissue (fascia)
  • relaxes tension held in muscle tissue
  • increases blood ciculation in the body, thereby reducing metabolic waste buildup and boosting cellular renewal
  • increases the flow of lymph throughout the body, thereby boosting overall immunity
  • decreases pain by stimulating the release of serotonin and endorphins
  • improves sleep (which plays a crucial role in pain and healing)
  • improves digestion and therefore nutrient assimilation
  • increases body awareness

Tito's Dynamic Balancing

Sessions with Tito can be half hour or full hour appointments. Tito works with specific issues rather than a general Swedish style massage. He works on the principles of Tensegrity - balancing tension of the musculature of the body across many planes and joints. He also works with you to balance related areas and not just the area of focus. Bringing equilibrium to this balance makes the body and mind happy and at peace.


Please wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes to your session. Your time with Tito can often involve joint mobilization, stretching, movement, and release of tight and sore muscles.


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New to Massage? What to Expect from a Massage Treatment

Massage therapy treatments usually last for 30 to 60 minutes or as long as 1.5 to 2 hours. For some conditions (especially chronic ones), therapists often advise a series of appointments.


At the first appointment, your massage therapist will discuss your symptoms, medical history, specific results you desire from treatment, and other factors such as stress, activity levels and movement habits.


During treatment, you might be fully clothed or partially or fully undressed (in which case you will be covered by a sheet or towel; only the parts of your body that the therapist is currently massaging are exposed). Sometimes oil may be used to reduce friction on the skin. The therapist may use other aids such as ice, heat, or fragrances. Your massage therapist can aid you in learning better movement and developing a deeper body awareness.