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Tito Jason Anders, BA, LMT

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Originally from New England, Tito made his move to Oregon in 1993 and now considers Portland his home. Born in the Hudson River Valley and raised on Long Island Sound in Connecticut, Tito has fond memories of the beauty of New England and its deep history. Tito pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts with a focus in graphic design and photography from a small liberal arts college in New Hampshire. He still does photo shoots and occasional video projects. His mother still lives in Connecticut, and he goes to visit her once or twice a year (especially around Christmas). While there he helps the bass section in his mother’s church choir.


Very quickly Tito became involved in the community activism that is so prevalent in Portland. He worked with the City Repair Project and The Planet Art Network. He also assisted many of the artist collectives with administrative guidance and producing events. In 1996 after living in Ashland for a year running a wholesale bakery and coffeehouse, he decided to head back to Portland and attended East West College of the Healing Arts. He entered into private practice as a massage therapist in 1999, and has found his passion and his peace in bodywork.


The year 2004 brought a wrist injury from a bicycling accident, after which Tito had to put his private practice on hold. Fortunately this thrust him into the realm of teaching massage. He spent three and a half fabulous years teaching all levels of massage, and was even invited to create and implement a new massage program at a local college. Tito has taken leave of formal teaching and has struck out on his own to teach advanced modalities and rehabilitative techniques for soft tissue. He is currently developing a 150 hour curriculum for advanced bodywork and a series of instructional videos in this modality.


Dynamic Balancing is what Tito calls his particular brand of bodywork. After the first two years of his practice, he noticed many of his clients returning with the same problems after basic Swedish massages. They weren’t getting better. This compelled him to learn osteopathic techniques, some essentials of Tui Na, Muscle Energy Technique (MET), and Thai Massage. These advanced modalities, coupled with extensive teaching of Kinesiology, brought a new focus to his practice. Tito now focuses on the uniqueness of each client's needs and issues, rather than trying to cover the whole body in an hour. All of his work is now very specific and tailored to the needs and sensitivity of his clients.


Many of his clients actually call his sessions ‘getting Tito’d’ because of its unique blending of stretching, massage, and integrative alignment work. Some people call him a noun and a verb.


Tito specializes in:

  • Low back/Pelvic issues
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Postural rehabilitation
  • Pre Natal preparations
  • Post Natal soft tissue balance recovery
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Automobile injury recovery

Remember, you need not be injured to benefit from Tito’s work. His work helps to facilitate a deeper yoga practice, a better golf swing, preparation for sports events and marathons, or just a more flexible and happier lifestyle.