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HBOT Treatment for Radiation Necrosis Covered by Most Insurance Plans! 

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Have you had radiation therapy recently or in the past? Are you experiencing any of the following:


  • Bowel or Urinary Problems: Bleeding, pain, or discomfort
  • Teeth or jaw issues: Decaying teeth in need of extraction or exposed bone.
  • Breast Reconstruction: Wound in your breast area

Radiation necrosis or other complications from radiation treatment may be the cause.


At Urban Wellness Group, we use hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to treat radiation necrosis and other complications from radiation treatment. Our experienced practitioners can help you decide if HBOT is right for you.




What is Radiation Necrosis?

Radiation therapy is designed to kill cancerous cells. When this radiation also kills healthy tissue, it is called radiation necrosis. Damage to healthy tissue can result in…


  • A buildup of dead tissue, resulting in the development of a new tumor
  • Issues with your central nervous system
  • Difficulty building new tissue, fighting infection, or healing skin


Recent studies suggest that 5-10% of people who have had radiation therapy may develop radiation necrosis.


Radiation necrosis develops after radiation therapy has ended, developing in the months and even years following treatment.


How Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treat Radiation Necrosis?

HBOT uses increased atmospheric pressures to allow the body to absorb more oxygen. This is done through treatment in a hyperbaric chamber in which the atmospheric pressure is increased and pure oxygen is released.


When at sea level, your lungs absorb a normal amount of oxygen from the air. However, at an increased level of atmospheric pressure, the body can absorb oxygen much more. Healing begins when damaged tissue receives much-needed oxygen and circulation returns.


Over 10,000 clinical trials and case studies have been completed to test health-related applications of hyperbaric treatment, including for treatment of radiation necrosis. The vast majority of results have reported overwhelming success.


What Happens During a Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment?


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Urban Wellness Group is a healing and energizing experience. Our practitioners have been trained to administer hyperbaric treatments safely and effectively.


  • Prior to any treatment, our staff will take all the time you need to discuss and prepare you for hyperbaric therapy. They’ll explain the treatment, answer any questions, and make sure you are fully informed before deciding on hyperbaric treatment.
  • Treatment is administered by lying down in the pressurized chamber. The hyperbaric chamber itself is spacious and has a clear window to illuminate the interior.
  • You will stay in the chamber for 60-90 minutes and will be monitored by our trained staff the entire time. If at any point you are uncomfortable, our staff will be there to make adjustments and ease your concerns.


While there are minor risks as with any medical treatment, HBOT is extremely safe. All minor risks and any other concerns you may have will be discussed before treatment begins.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a simple, non-invasive, and effective way to treat radiation necrosis.


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What to Expect at Urban Wellness Group

At Urban Wellness Group, our goal is to help you feel comfortable from the moment you walk through the door. We’ve created a calming environment to reduce your stress and anxiety during, before, and after treatment. When you’re at ease, you can focus on feeling better.


Here are just a few of the features you can expect:


  • A relaxed environment - Our clinic doesn’t feel like a traditional doctor’s office. You can relax surrounded by calm lighting, natural wood accents, and warm, soothing colors.
  • Time is on your side - There’s no need to rush, and there’s no need to wait! Walk right in to your appointment and spend as much time with us as you need.
  • Complimentary tea - Enjoy a nice, warm cup of tea before your appointment.


When you call us, we’ll always do our best to get your appointment scheduled as soon as possible. We value and respect your time, comfort, and health.


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